En cualquier apartamento de la ciudad de Medellín se cocina el «tusibi», la droga de moda en las fiestas electrónicas de Colombia.  «cocaína rosada» como es denominada, el colorido polvo que se consume en clubes de música electrónica no tiene ninguna relación química con el estimulante a base de hoja deContinue Reading

During the course of the day, the dollar registered a slight fall, the Colombian peso reaches the highest devaluation in the region in the last year, due to external causes related to the rise in rates in the United States, added to continuous inflation, the conflict in Ukraine, but alsoContinue Reading

Emirates Herald informed through an article published by Xataca, where they refer that, during the last decades, the stories that we told ourselves about the first humans were something very similar to a picaresque novel: defenseless primates (without nails, without teeth, without natural defenses) that by dint of ingenuity and teamworkContinue Reading

The USA Herald reported that researchers and scientific backers see human urine as an alternative to chemical fertilizers to reduce environmental pollution and feed a growing population. Synthetic nitrogen fertilizers used in excess pollute the environment and to a lesser extent help boost agricultural production. However, with the difficulties of theContinue Reading

Frente a la crisis que vive el agro y el estado de abandono de los campesinos productores de papa, yuca, ñame, maíz y plátano vale la pena hacer un ejercicio de memoria histórica. En el año 1968 a través de una reforma administrativa se creó el Instituto de Mercadeo AgropecuarioContinue Reading

At Easter The tourist season exceeded expectations. More than 125,000 people chose Cartagena de Indias to enjoy its offer and a cultural and recreational-sports agenda, for the people of Cartagena and tourists. The Rafael Núñez International Airport estimated the mobilization of approximately 160,000 passengers in this holy season, which indicatesContinue Reading