At Easter The tourist season exceeded expectations. More than 125,000 people chose Cartagena de Indias to enjoy its offer and a cultural and recreational-sports agenda, for the people of Cartagena and tourists.

The Rafael Núñez International Airport estimated the mobilization of approximately 160,000 passengers in this holy season, which indicates a solid recovery for tourism in Cartagena de Indias.

Regarding hotel occupancy, according to data provided by the hotel unions, The Cartagena Herald registered 89%, an increase of 14% compared to the same period in 2019.

The executive president of Corpoturismo Natalia Bohórquez Castilla, thanked the support of the Mayor’s Office of the city of Cartagena headed by Mayor William Dau Chamat, Authorities, Secretariats and District dependencies, unions and businessmen for the joint work during the season, allowing strengthen the travel and tourism sector so that it continues to be one of the fundamental pieces of the local economy.

President Bohórquez within this articulation, stressed to The Cartagena Herald that the strategy of tourist corridors in the Historic Center designed in order to guarantee that, at the level of cleanliness, public space, mobility, security and social risk (child labor and ESCNNA), the dynamics within this area is favorable for Cartagena and visitors. In the strategy, more than 85% of the reports were dealt with immediately, highlighting the institutional and collective commitment of the responsible entities.

Bohórquez added that «We still have great challenges to overcome in tourism, but the most important thing is that Cartagena de Indias has an alliance of the public, private, union and academic sectors to turn it into a world-class destination.»

Mobilization from the Bodeguita Pier to the Insular Zone reported increases of 20% in passengers compared to the same period in 2019, where outdoor and nature settings continue to be preferred by visitors.

The Cartagena Transport Terminal, mobilized more than 130 thousand passengers and approximately 10 thousand vehicles.

The Bolívar Traffic Police reported that 167,000 vehicles traveled through the department’s roads, with Cartagena de Indias and Mompox being the preferred destinations for travelers.

The Captaincy of the Port of Cartagena registered an increase of over 50% in terms of vessels mobilized towards the Insular Zone, compared to the same period in 2019. There were no accidents that endangered the lives of people on board the ships.

Fortifications of Cartagena reported more than 25 thousand visitors to the Fort of San Felipe de Barajas, an increase of 16% compared to the same period in 2019.

Historical Museum of Cartagena, Zenú Gold Museum and Naval Museum of the Caribbean reported, together, more than 2,500 visitors to the site.



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