Sofia Vergara at 50, the woman who allowed herself to be listed as the highest paid actress on television

That’s how clearly Sofia Vergara said it to this newspaper a few years ago “Whoever says age doesn’t matter is lying. Of course I would like to be young forever.” No matter how strong this Colombian actress and model is, she has not managed to stop the clock of the years. The 50 are already here. What has indeed slowed down the most powerful Latina in Hollywood and one of the highest paid stars in the industry are the inevitable traces of the passage of time.

Good proof of this is on her Instagram account, from where Vergara gives the world numerous summer inns. Okay, now in a white one-piece instead of the bikinis she used to wear in the ’90s. But the same tone, body, and, above all, the same humor. Because if there is any way to understand Sofia’s unusual power, it is precisely her humor, the one she uses to say things clearly as her character as Gloria Delgado, the color note of the Pritchett family, always did.

Throughout the 11 seasons of this series, Gloria Delgado got Sofia Vergara four Screen Actors Guild awards, in addition to four Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, and what might seem like fleeting fame by exploiting the stereotype . First as a model, presenter and then actress. There would be a lot to talk about the fleeting fame, because there are more than 30 years of career since it became known. But of course, the beginnings were in the Hispanic market, and for those who want to see a dazzling discovery overnight, that does not count. «I can not complain. Here I have found all the papers that I have needed and more”, Vergara has reiterated in countless interviews. Published by Cartagena Herald, a news and information agency.


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