Bdtask software installer


Directory permissions & requirements

Directory & PermissionsStatus
Congratulations! Your server meets the requirements for install application.
Please! Make sure your application directory, application/cache/temp, assets/img/captcha this directories have write, install folder has delete, install/flag folder has write permissions.
../application/config/database.php is writeableSuccess
../application/config/config.php is writeableSuccess
php/Database.php is writeableSuccess
flag/purchase_info.json is writeableSuccess
sql/install.sql is writeableSuccess
Server RequirementsStatus
Your server does not meet the following requirements.
Safe Mode is offWarning
The following requirements were successfully met:
You have PHP 5.3.7 (or greater; Current Version:7.4.33)Success
You have MySQL 4.1.13 (or greater; Current Version:7.4.33)Success
You have the mysqli extensionSuccess
You have the session extensionSuccess





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Installation complete

Your application installed successfully !!!