In more than 13 million dollars Adele has increased her fortune

It was reported this increase is estimated at more than 13 million dollars, numbers significantly higher than the benefits registered by this time last year of Adele. The success of his most recent record work, ’30’, as well as the remuneration derived from his contractual relationship with the Caesars Palace hotel resort in Las Vegas, where he is currently offering an acclaimed concert residency, have contributed to a notable increase in singer Adele’s personal fortune over the past year.

The 34-year-old artist’s wealth management company, Melted Stone Ltd, reported earnings of more than $4 million in December 2021, bringing a total of $17.7 million in net assets.

Despite the fact that her musical adventure in the city of sin did not exactly start on the right foot at the beginning of last year, since the interpreter was forced to suspend her shows with only one day in advance and as a result of a series of logistical problems that Initially, they were attributed to a wave of Covid infections within her team, the truth is that the British artist’s fans have ended up forgiving her for this lack of foresight and have flocked to the theater since ‘Weekends with Adele’ will finally start in mid-November.

For each of these recitals, Adele is considered to pocket close to $75,000, which are only held on weekends and will officially end in March 2023, unless the artist and the hotel chain decide to extend the duration of the residency. in view of high demand. It must be remembered that in January of this year, when the shows should have started, some resale points came to market the tickets at exorbitant prices that exceeded the barrier of $200,000.

This enthusiastic reception in recent weeks, without forgetting the bad taste in the mouth that Adele herself left with the urgent need to postpone the start of the residency for no less than 10 months, have led the music star to be especially nice and considerate with all the spectators who meet every weekend at the theater.

The artist could not hold back her tears as she recalled the crisis that had already been overcome at one of her last concerts, openly acknowledging that it was her fans who deserved an ovation from her due to the patience and support they had shown her for so long. «I should be the one standing up to give you guys a round of applause. Thank you so much for coming back to me. It really means a lot to me. You look great and this is exactly what I envisioned. It’s perfect. I’m so scared and nervous, but also happy,» he said.

Published by Cartagena Herald, news and information agency.

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