Thanks to the market sell-off, we finally have some attractive dividends out there. In brief, I’ll highlight a package of five dividend stocks that pay sweets (as in 4.0% to 11.3% yields) and are cheap. It’s important that we focus on value, cash flow and performance as we select offerings.Continue Reading

Para muchas familias cumplir con esta expectativa de tener vivienda propia ya no un sueño, las oportunidades se han incrementado y es cada vez más fácil adquirir una casa. El sector inmobiliario es uno de los de mayor crecimiento en el país, con un aporte significativo en el desarrollo deContinue Reading

The Dubai real estate market saw a significant uptick in new project launches during the first quarter of this year 2022, as the Emirate became the attractive destination for high net worth individuals, including millionaires and entrepreneurs, after a successful handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, good business environment and recentContinue Reading

The Financial Superintendence of Colombia warned in 2021 about the promotion of its own activities such as investment packages (Trading), investments in marketing, Forex market, Cryptocurrencies and other complex financial operations of the stock market by organizations or persons without their due authorization. . These pyramid or Ponzi schemes areContinue Reading

According to preliminary data from the European Statistics Office, for the sixth consecutive month inflation has reached its all-time high. A global problem that hits the continent hard and makes the inhabitants resort to forms of investment, such as bitcoin (BTC), to face its impact. The agency announced that year-on-yearContinue Reading