The global economy is lived in different ways depending on the country, region or sector in question. However, there are some common trends and patterns that can be observed in the global economy. The global economy is characterized by the interconnectedness and interdependence of markets and national economies. Advances inContinue Reading

The IRAIC investor company is the number one company in the world with a solid ecosystem based on real assets. It has established itself by providing economic and grassroots restructuring solutions that support large investments. He typically invests from $10M to $1.5B per trade, and has had his greatest successes in thisContinue Reading

Fintech giant Ant Group, led by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, announced today that it will launch an incorporated digital wholesale bank in Singapore. The move marks the Hangzhou-based company’s continued overseas expansion. Its China-based businesses are still under heavy regulatory pressure after the company’s $34 billion initial public offering wasContinue Reading